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President Mike Pung called the meeting to order @ 7:30 pm. Other officers present this evening, Ken Daley, Vice President; Teresa Orosco, Secretary; Lester Allen, Treasurer; Paul Southerland, Claims Director; Bert Cramer, Clubhouse Manager.

Tonight 19 members signed in. Two new members, Donna Aldridge & Robert McGuire of Claremore, were welcomed with introduction & presentation of the Superior Ceremonial Sand. Tonight Mike revealed the cover of the July/August edition of GOLD PROSPECTORS magazine. Congrats to Mike for landing the cover this month & GPAA members should get their copy in the mail any day.

The June 10, 2016 minutes were opened for discussion. Steve made motion to accept & Tammy seconded. Motioned carried.

Lester Allen read the treasurer report. Steve made motion to accept & Dean seconded. Motion carried.

Membership renewals were discussed with reminder to mention our chapter number when joining or renewing with GPAA. We as a club earn points which means money to spend at the GPAA store for items our club can use. You don’t have to join GPAA to be a member of the club, but kits are available at the meetings for a discounted rate. Just ask Lester and he will get you signed up.


Mike has been speaking with Brandon, the GPAA president about our 2017 gold show. Nothing has been set up yet, so we want to pick our own date & let them work around that date as far as having the following expo in San Antonio. The date everyone has chosen will be May 5-7 the week before Mother’s Day. We will have a show with or without the GPAA, but there can be greater benefits if Brandon bears the cost. Our chapter will not have to obtain the building, insurance & other costs like curtains, tables & cloths. Another plus is our chapter will get $1.00 of each admission as well as make money selling paydirt and stuff. All in all, we learned an expensive lesson in 2014 & our next expo can be better. It is going to depend on one thing. We have to get more excitement going or it’s not going to happen. The first committee meeting was decided by vote to take place immediately following the August 12th meeting. Please plan to be here for this very important session. Bring a pizza if you can.

As we mentioned in previous newsletters, Oct.29-30 will be the Oklahoma Mineral and Gem show at the OKC fairgrounds. A vote was taken for club’s approval to pay $300.00 total for 2 booths. A free space will be given to us for a panning station for kids. Mike offered one option to make money by selling panning kits with a pan, pay dirt & snuffer bottle. When they buy a kit, they can take it over to our trough and pan it. We will also be selling our gear & maybe some rose rocks. More to come.

Jon and Jean Tankersley have invited our club to their home Sept. 3rd for another potluck lunch/dinner cookout. Bring your old equipment to the swap & sell we will have going on during the day. As the sun sets, we end the day with some fishing fun. A big day for Labor Day weekend planned, so come eat and fellowship with some great folks. We will have maps available.


Ken, Tammy & Richard are going to K-River this month instead of waiting until fall. July 15-17 is the dates & if you want to go call Ken & let him know. Go to for reservations before you go to make sure you don’t have to bunk with a stranger. Mike said Paul’s son found gold everywhere he dug last time.

Paul martin, a long time member of our club, passed away July 3rd. He had been living in Sherman, Texas. A card of condolences was sent to his son, Shane. A donation was made to a veteran charity in lieu of flowers per son’s request.

Bill Hill of the Altus/Mangum area is still getting to know the locals in hopes of finding places we can set up our equipment. One guy we heard about even owns a backhoe! No telling what we could unearth with that!

Before the meeting adjourned, Mike gave everyone a few pointers when it comes to finding gold. He started out by explaining the old saying, “gold is where you find it“. Simply means it’s always wise to look where people have found gold before. Know your area. Study the history of the area. Mike likes to use the Google satellite views to find nature’s sluice boxes. Look for the ‘scars” & color changes in the land. These are left from where water used to flow in old channels. These are the places where gold is going to be found. Not going to tell you all the secrets he shared. You will just have to come to the August 12th meeting & find out why you should think like a fish to get more gold with less digging. Mike adjourned the meeting @ 8:50p.


Officer Phone Email  
PRESIDENT Mike Pung 405-736-6282  
VICE PRESIDENT Ken Daley 405-626-5920    
SECRETARY Teresa Orosco 405-454-6756  
TREASURER Lester Allen 405-769-6237  
CLAIMS DIRECTOR Paul Southerland 405-738-0371