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<>The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Mike Pung, President (turned 55 today).
Other officers present: Ken Daley, Vice President; Lester Allen, Treasurer; Teresa Orosco, Secretary (standing in for Karen Yancey); Tammy Daley, Photographer; and Bert Cramer, Clubhouse Manager.

Attendance totaled 23 tonight which included 20 members and 3 guests.

Mike started the meeting by welcoming the members and guests. Ron Busler and his son Luke came from Chandler. Ron showed the club some Colorado pay dirt he just brought back. We went straight outside to the panning trough to see the gold.

Also, we had Steve Venz from Tuttle checking the club out. They were asked to leave a contact address so they can be contacted about the gold show next month.

The minutes for the August 08, 2014 meeting were not available for approval. Jerry said Karen had them ready to forward to Mike for review. Mike told everyone Teresa Orosco, (myself) will be standing in for Karen as needed to allow her time to deal with some health issues. It was approved. October's chapter meeting will be the set up day for the gold show, so there will be no meeting at the clubhouse until November 14. After the show, there will be an increase in club memberships which means we may be searching for a larger place to meet. Tammy suggested a "doublewide". LOL

Lester Allen presented the treasurer's report, and was accepted.

Next, we discussed how to raise money using resources we have. Mike put forth a great idea. We can divide our gold into small and large pieces. Volunteers will quickly sell a certain amount of tickets so we can draw & announce the winner. We continue this all day. We can display the larger pieces of gold at our booth, sell those tickets up until the drawing at the end of the day when the winners of other major prizes will be announced. Jim & Jon have gold we can buy and sell as needed. For the panning booths alone we will be using ½ oz of 60 mesh and under, so we must guard this dirt like gold, which it is. The troughs can be bought at Lumber 2 and they agreed to refund our money when returned.

<> Because of liability issues, the store is unable to lend them to us. Understandable for sure! Some rookies have been known to complain of falls after getting sand in their eyes or dizzy from rocking the pan too long! Nobody wants anyone to get hurt or sued, so if you're planning on working at this station, be prepared to catch a few before they hit the floor.

<>Next, members discussed selling GPAA gear at our booth. At 60% this is a great profit maker. 

<>Mike, Pam, Lester, Paul and Becky attended the Abilene show and they learned some things to do and not do for a successful expo. For instance, at most shows, GPPA has their own booth with television monitor's and DVD's showing their Alaskan gold camp at Cripple River. At Abilene, they chose to blend in with another local chapter's booth. This is not what we want to see at our gold show. Mike has tried to contact them to determine what level of presence we can expect from GPAA. We still get the vials of gold for the first 100 paid admissions both days and some posters, but Mike needs to know soon what else we can expect from them. The GPPA wants us to sell gear closer to the panning station. We can have two booths; a booth to sell panning materials next to the station and one to sell other gear at our chapter's booth. And speaking of booths, WE NEED MORE VENDORS to fill up the booth spaces. We need to "wow" the crowd!   Get in touch with dealers who sell atvs, metal detectors, survivor gear, jerky, outdoor supplies, or even books about gold. The booths cost $175 or $225 for a corner section. We want lo's of recognized dealers in order to resemble a business opposed to a garage sale. There's 300 emails sent to vendors. Some of them have responded. Garrett and Fisher want a couple booths each. A vendor from Ft. Worth is bringing GPS locators. If you get in trouble, this will get help on the way. There is a vendor form on to download. Someone wants a space, they can print and pay right then. That simple! Let us know if you have any questions.

New Business

<>Paul has a 2014 copy of the "Mining Guide". It comes out every 2 years. He spoke with Walter Eason about re-writing the section on Oklahoma. This is what Paul meant in case you haven't read it. It speaks of visiting the Wichita mountains and Grandma at the "Old Plantation Restaurant". The mountains and restaurant are still there, but Grandma is not! This is the best opportunity to tell them what we know about mining in Oklahoma. Jim had and idea to get them to highlight the mines in Pitcher. The lead tailings are being worked to recover the gold. Afterwards, the mine shafts will be filled in. Sounds like a notable event! If anybody knows something else that could add interest to our section of the guide, please contact Walter. Next issue will be coming out in 2016.

<>Dean asked if everyone would turn in their volunteer sign up sheets to him asap! Volunteers are still needed for all the time slots & updates will be sent periodically to fill spots with people from other chapters. Our hope is to fill the time frames with our members and not need any outsiders if possible.

Orignally, we had a couple of keynote speakers signed up, but they can't make it. Emile Rydel from the "Bering Sea Gold" reality television series, said if they are run off by October 1st, she will come. Mike is going to do a fine gold recovery demonstration and we still need more. This is a short list of suggestions for speakers.

1. Dave Atlee

2. Jim McCauliff-metal detecting

3.Bob Dycus (spelling?)

4. Essential oil speaker

5. Survivalist

6. Sam's Surplus Army/Navy Store

<>We can use gemologist or mineralogist. Anything natural or "earthy" works well. Mike suggested we dress the part of the 49er days. Goodwill and other thrift stores make excellent sources for vintage clothing.  What do you all think of that?

A week after the gold show, a new gold series, "Gold Trails" will be filming here in Oklahoma. This also happens to be the week we planned the outing at Cramerville. One choice mentioned was to set up highbankers and dredges at the Cimmarron River where we found gold last year. Jim reminded us of deer season and said K-River is the safest place to go. We have until the week after the show to come up with a place to take Kevin Holden and crew.

Before we adjourned, some members had questions relating to how to print a ticket after they pre-register. Paul advised them to go to their profile page and select "my events" where you will be able to print one. There will be a printed roster to check off if you choose not to.

Mike Pung adjourned the meeting @8:30 p.m.

Minutes summited by Teresa Orosco, Secretary Assistant


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