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APRIL 10, 2015

The meeting was called to order by President Mike Pung @ 7:30pm. Officers present: Ken Daley, Vice President; Lester Allen, Treasurer; Teresa Orosco sitting in for Secretary Karen Yancey; Tammy Daley, Photographer.

<><>Mike started by welcoming 7 new gold seekers, Marcus Ferguson, Larry Singleton, Mike & Sue Waggoner, William Hill & Roberto Aliydrsan.Next, the March 13th minutes were reviewed & approved. Since the newsletter didn't get posted, a copy was provided for anyone to read.

<>Lester Allen gave the treasurer's report & it was approved.

<>April 25 & 26 is the Las Vegas Gold Show. Plan on a day or two after the show doing some dry washing. We may spend one day in Albuquerque, NM on the way home. Paul will be going, so contact him if you are going.

<>May 16 & 17 will be the Denver Gold Show. We may go to Clear Creek to do some dredging after the show on the 18 & 19th. Don Findley may be hanging around to show us the secret spots.

May 22-24 is the Memorial Day weekend outing for the WWATS Rendezvous Two Day Open Hunt @ K-River Campground in Antlers, Ok. Check out the website for more info. Large hunt is limited to the first 125 people.
The chapter is planning a June 20 & 21stouting to Cramerville near Stillwater, Ok. This is Bert Cramer's place on the Cimarron River. Some of episode #2 "Gold Trails" was filmed here last summer.

July 13-24th Mike will be going to Lake Superior 2 weeks before his family reunion. He camps at the state park. Electric hookups & hot showers are available or you can go primitive style. Get with Mike if planning to go on this prospecting trip or (405) 736-6282.

There was no new business to discuss. Meeting was adjourned @ 8:38pm.


Officer Phone Email  
PRESIDENT Mike Pung 405-736-6282  
VICE PRESIDENT Ken Daley 405-626-5920    
SECRETARY Karen Yancey 405-650-4138  
TREASURER Lester Allen 405-769-6237  
CLAIMS DIRECTOR Tom Annesley 405-360-5357