Newsletter -


The meeting was called to order at 7:30p by Mike Pung, President. 

Officers present were: Ken Daley, Vice President; Lester Allen, Treasurer; Tammy Daley, Photographer; Bert Cramer, Clubhouse Mgr; Paul Southerland, Claims Director.

After everyone signed in, there were 18 total in attendance.  The club welcomed three (3) new guest. Jeremy, Loretta & Randall Goodrich all received a bag of Lake Superior pay dirt.

Club house manager, Bert Cramer, was given a potted fern by the members after losing a brother, sister in law & close friend. Our thoughts and prayers are with him.

Lester Allen gave the treasurer report. Motion made to accept & it was approved.

Secretary Teresa  Orosco was not present tonight,. A motion was made to accept the October minutes & it was approved.


  1. The porch repair which started in early October was finished  Saturday, Nov. 7th.   Mike thanked the volunteers who helped out. No blueprints, just brains. We all feasted on Pizza & cookies afterwards.

  2. The Oklahoma Gem and Mineral Show (Oct.31-Nov.1) was a great opportunity for our club to introduce ourselves to other treasure hunter enthusiasts. We were not allowed to sell anything, but had a good time teaching others to pan. We had a mother lode of  comments about how our booth was a "refreshing change" to the usual exhibitors. Director Dale Moore said he hopes we consider doing this again in the future.

  3. The Christmas party is going to be Friday, Dec 04 this year at the lodge in Midwest City. Call for directions. 
    It will be from 7-9pm and everyone need to RSVP to Tammy or Teresa so we will know how many members are planning to attend.
    You can reach Teresa @ 405 535-5918 or 405 454-6756 or Tammy 405 626-5920.
    The club is providing the turkeys and ham but, we need side dishes and desserts. We need more items for the silent auction. No junk, please . Come and play "Pungo" for prizes.

  4. Remember, no meeting on Dec11th. Hope to see all of you at the party. If you can't make it, please have a safe holiday & see you Jan 08, 2016.

  5. The Swap & Sell is still in the plans for next March. Jon is not here tonight & will discuss this at the January meeting.

  6. The Mangum snake hunt will be in April for those wanting to attend. We have the opportunity to have a panning booth & sell bags of pay dirt. Bill from Altus is going to check out some places for us to go find some gold.  More on this at a later meeting.


  1. The officer elections were held tonight. When no more nominees came forth, the election was held by acclamation with the following results.
    President-Mike Pung
    Vice Pres-Ken Daley
    Secretary-Teresa Orosco
    Treasurer-Lester Allen
    Claims Director-Paul Southerland

  2. The trip to Colorado after Thanksgiving has been cancelled due to snow.

  3. Mike and Paul want to plan a metal detecting outing to Calumet. We will need lots of people, so stay tuned in for more on this later.

The meeting was adjourned @ 8:30pm.


Officer Phone Email  
PRESIDENT Mike Pung 405-736-6282  
VICE PRESIDENT Ken Daley 405-626-5920    
SECRETARY Teresa Orosco 405-454-6756  
TREASURER Lester Allen 405-769-6237  
CLAIMS DIRECTOR Paul Southerland 405-738-0371