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GPAA Chapter 21, Minutes/Newsletter May 9, 2014

Officers present were: Ken Daley, Vice President; Lester Allen, Treasurer; Tammy Daley, Photographer; and Bert Cramer, Clubhouse Manager. President Mike Pung Is in Puyallup, Washington. He is our ambassador there tonight. We have a request from our Secretary to do something in the future that we haven't done in the past and that is when you talk please state your name and that will help our Secretary and also ourselves too for our minutes. We appreciate that information.

Ken asked if everyone had signed in and they all had. We had a total of 22 in attendance.

Lester Allen, Treasurer presented the treasurer's report and it was approved.

The Secretary minutes for the meeting April 11, 2014 sent by e-mail & website were approved.

New visitor was Sheena Carroll, who is John Carroll's daughter.

Old business:

  1. On the PLP court case that they had a week ago in California that State presented their case and they couldn't answer any of the questions the Judge had and the PLP did their answers really well and they feel really good about that. The Judge said he would give a decision in two weeks. Mike thinks he will call the parties back together and try to get them to mediate and if that doesn't work, then he will give his decision. That was a week ago so it is one more week. This is on the dredging. The decision with be given to us by the Courts, but I think we may get to know by the next meeting. Maybe the Secretary can send us all an e-mail when Mike lets us know. The total donation for PLP last time was $300.00.

  2. Mike wants us to know that he was at the summit in Las Vegas and represented us there. He wants everyone to know that they talked about the ranchers and the BLM. It was on the news and we talked about it last month. Mike wanted everyone to know that the BLM violated some laws and they backed down. That was also on the news. Also the rights of the militia that went to help the rancher are in trouble because they supposedly pointed their weapons at the Forest Service. A lot of things happened, 2 of his best bulls were killed, water troughs were destroyed, windows were shot up and it just is not over yet.

  3. Next month is our June Expo in Newcastle, and we have 500 fliers up here so take some and pass them out. There will be a brief meeting of the Expo Committee and Oct. Expo meeting will meet after this meeting and everyone is invited to attend. Also about the fliers, if you get on the internet on Newcastle Gold and Mineral Expo, it will come up on the City of Newcastle's web site and you can click on the informational place that is on there and that will come us as a PDF file and you can download to your computer and you can send it to someone or post it on your Facebook page if you want to. PDF's are safer. Mike is going to get it on our website and on our Facebook page. Also the Chamber of Commerce of Newcastle has it on their website and they are promoting us very much in Newcastle to try and get a lot of people to come to it. It is being promoted very well, however we still need to get the fliers out. Jon took it the jewelry store in Newcastle and he was very excited about it. Ken reminded everyone that if you have things to swap or sell be sure to bring it. Members don't have to pay for their space and if anyone else wants one it is $25.00. After we get this June Expo over we will be working very hard to make sure our Oct. show turns out real good at the Fairgrounds.

  4. As soon as we get our June show over we will be getting together to work and try to get this ramp fixed out here. They said we need to bring the level of our porch up the door, so if somebody in a wheel chair or scooter can get in the door. Also, the bathroom is now working, and we can thank Bert for that.

New Business:

  1. Delbert Karnes would like to talk about an Alaska trip he is fixing to make and share with us. Delbert said he is going to Alaska about June 6th with a gentlemen friend and we have a two inch dredge and was wondering if anyone knows of any areas where we can dredge while we are going up to Alaska and coming back from Alaska. If you have a site you can recommend please get with him after the meeting so he can write it down. We just need a little stream to play around in. Ken told Delbert that Mike would be back Monday and gave him Mike's phone number. Delbert told Ken that he had sent an e-mail to Mike and he is checking with his customers up so communicate with Mike. Ken advised Sheena that Bert had put a rock upon the table so, if you all want to come up after the meeting and look at them you are sure welcome to.

  2. May the 24th through the 26th the Northeastern Texas Club is having a WWATS rendezvous again this year. They will have metal detecting and one day they have an open hunt and I guess the next day you buy tickets. I made a copy of the registration papers if you would like to take that. Also, there is a website on there so you can just pull it up on your computer. They are also having another dig at night and you can't use flashlights. That should be fun. Tammy Daley was concerned about the copperhead and water moccasin snakes and maybe big foot. Haha!

  3. Gerald Hulsey's brother has 4 stage cancer; and they were working with us on the committee. They are leaving immediately to be with his brother and will be back when they can, but they don't know when that will be. Ken would like for all of us to have them in our thoughts and prayers while they are gone. Ken stated he had no other new business and asked if anyone else did and no one did.

A motion was made and approved that we adjourn our meeting. Ken Daley adjourned the meeting at 8:55 pm.

Minutes submitted by Karen Yancey, Secretary

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PRESIDENT Mike Pung 405-736-6282  
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SECRETARY Karen Yancey 405-650-4138  
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