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The meeting was called to order by President Mike Pung @ 7:30pm. Other officers present were:

Ken Daley, Vice President; Treasurer Lester Allen; Teresa Orosco standing in for Secretary Karen Yancey; Tammy Daley, Photographer. Nineteen (19) members signed in tonight.

Mike opened the meeting by welcoming 2 new members, Paul Bender from Wichita, Kansas, Hank Poe from Shawnee. They were all presented pay dirt from Lake Superior.

Lester Allen gave the treasury report: 

The report was approved, Tammy first & Dean seconded.

The January newsletter did not get sent out. Mike apologized for the oversight. A copy was provided for members to review. The newsletter was approved by all members present.


Prospecting Trips

  1. Mike is inviting everyone to Cold Springs, California. He's leaving March 3 and staying until the 18th. You will go south of Sacramento & east a little to Sonora. Hwy 108 goes right through Cold Springs. Everyone going needs to get on the club website and call Mike & leave a message. Saturday March 7 is a gold show in Stockton, California. This is the first time Mike will not be working a show. He's going to just enjoy the show & try to win some prizes. That's on the 7th for those wanting to go. Sunday the 8th Mike plans to prospect. He will be leaving for home on the 15th and may stop in Stanton, Arizona.

  2. If you weren't at the meeting, Jon & Dean are going to the Stanton-Congress area leaving March 14th for 2 weeks & everyone is welcome to go.

  3. Merle Korf is planning to prospect the Hillsboro, New Mexico area sometime in March.

  4. April 25-26 is the Las Vegas gold show. Mike plans to be prospecting the 27th & 28th. For those considering running for positions in the club, Officer Summit will be offered Friday, April 24.

  5. May 16 & 17 is the date set for the Denver gold show. Mike will play in the dirt @ Clear Creek & Big Bend. Lots of gold up there. Don Findley & Dakota Red will get us on the gold for sure.

  6. May 22-24 Memorial Day weekend is the date for the WWATS Rendezvous Two Day Open Hunt @ K-River Campground in Antlers, Ok. More information @

  7. June 20-21 has been set for outing to Cramerville on the Cimarron River near Cushing, Ok. It's a beautiful place to camp about 70 miles from OKC. !Bert Alert! Has anyone seen Bert lately? He seems to have disappeared.

  8. Last on the agenda we get to July. Mike's family will be having their Christmas in July Reunion up on Lake Superior in Michigan. Everyone is invited to join him July 13-24th to camp out a week or two before the reunion. No filming just prospecting this year. He would like to go to Copper Harbor for some copper nuggets. Unwrapped copper brings around $3.00/lb. It's a 4 hr drive from camp, but a lot of fun.


  1. Club member Joe Stout has put some pictures on Facebook of the material he pulled out from under a rock crusher at a cement company near Davis. He has a vial of gold from it. They weigh your vehicle before and after you get your dirt & charge accordingly. Gravel pits and rock quarries are where they get to the bottom where the good stuff is.

  2. Mike shared a tip on ways to find out if there is gold in the desert or New Mexico area by panning the ant hills & varmint holes. Just be careful of the fleas & snakes!

  3. Next the discussion turned to Telluride, Colorado. It's one of the richest ore conditions you can find. It's called Chalcopyrite which is pyrite fused with gold. These tellurides (name after the city) are so heavy, a 5 gallon bucket filled up half way weighs over 100lbs. Pyrite is 5x heavier than water & same density as black sand (iron).The gold is trapped in sulpher & you have to roast it after grinding which gives off H2SO4 or sulfuric acid. It's very toxic & expensive to get the gold. Lots of tellurides have been left behind because it's a pain in the butt to get the gold out of it. Mercury & sulfur don't fuse, so it's not an option here.

  4. When asked if anymore prospecting trips are planned, Jon suggested planning a day to check out a culvert in Newcastle like seen on "Gold Fever" episode from LA. He's thinking about panning an area that comes out of a gravel pit through a culvert. Looks like 2015 is going to be a busy year with many outings and gold shows planned.

  5. Jon asked what was happening with PLP. Results from the Rhinehart Decision were published, but the opposition to us challenged it & they are trying to get it unpublished. Paul said if it makes it to the Supreme Court, they will only hear it if unpublished. Mike said they have already admitted they have no authority to confiscate and or ticket people. To be on the safe side, know where you are & follow the rules.

  6. GPAA claims are in the Mining Guide. Join a local club if in doubt, they'll explain the rules & keep you out of trouble. Rules are different depending on where you are. Some places are just hands & pans. In California, if you're in the water & getting material from the water & putting it back, that's neutral & ok. If you got your sluice in the water & you're getting material from the bank, that's high banking or adding material & it's not ok,  Mike suggested if we want to high bank, just re-circulate the water in tubs to be in compliance.

Before the meeting was adjourned, Mike demonstrated "dry panning". It takes time & practice, but it's the only thing you can do with limited water resources. Shake, rock, swirl, spin, tilt, tap & blow. Got it? There may be a pop quiz...

Before the meeting was adjourned, since tomorrow is Valentines Day, Mike shared some words of wisdom by saying,  Love is like a fart, if you have to force it, it's probably crap! 

March meeting will be another Friday the 13th, so be careful & we will see those who are not able to go on the March prospecting outings. And for those who are superstitious, remember it's all in your MINE.

Meeting was adjourned by Mike Pung @ 8:25pm.


Officer Phone Email  
PRESIDENT Mike Pung 405-736-6282  
VICE PRESIDENT Ken Daley 405-626-5920    
SECRETARY Karen Yancey 405-650-4138  
TREASURER Lester Allen 405-769-6237  
CLAIMS DIRECTOR Tom Annesley 405-360-5357