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FEB. 12, 2016

President Mike Pung called the meeting to order @ 7:30p.m. Officers present were Ken Daley, Vice President, Teresa Orosco, Secretary & Lester Allen, Treasurer.

Twenty seven (27) members signed in tonight. Mike reminded them to mention our OKC chapter if they have joined or renewed their GPAA membership recently. We have over 154000 points acquired to date and need all we can get to redeem for prospecting items for our chapter to use. Give Teresa your number to keep on file. This helps us keep up with the points due to us. We do have a mini-store if anybody needs pans, vials, hats, t-shirts & more. Also, we have GPAA membership kits at a discount rate. Kits are full of products to get you started finding gold right away. Get with Lester if you need one.

January minutes were opened for discussion. Motion made by Tammy to accept & Becky seconded. Copies available from Mike and Teresa tonight & on the chapter's website.

Lester Allen gave the treasury report. Dean made motion to approve & Ron seconded.


March 26th is the date for our annual Swap & Sell @ Jon Tankersley's Newcastle home. We plan on starting at noon with a potluck meal & then move right on to the swap meet. Mike is planning on bringing lots to swap & everyone should bring his or her extra equipment. There is always beginners looking for good used prospecting gear. The club will provide the meat & everyone else should bring their favorite sides, drinks & desserts to share. We will have a fire pit so no need to bring a grill. Later, we plan on playing yard games & drowning some worms, so bring your fishing stuff & games. Map coming soon.

This next part will seem like a repeat of January's newsletter, because it is. The GPAA gold shows have begun for 2016. Mike is planning to be at all of them and this is when and where you can find him. Pomona Feb.20-21, Las Vegas Feb. 27-28, Phoenix Mar.12-13, San Francisco Apr. 2-3, Portland Apr. 9-10 (some prospecting in the area after the show), Seattle, Washington & The International California Mining Journal show in Placerville, California on Apr. 16-17. Ok, wait a minute. How is he going to make 2 shows in 2 states on the same day? Come to the March meet and find out. No May shows, but on the Memorial Day weekend, May 26-29, will be WWATS outing in Mancos, Colorado just NW of Durango. If you want to stay close to home that weekend, K-River, Antlers, Ok. is always a good place to go look for gold. We were surprised tonight when one member showed off a big piece found by his dog in a crevice after that storm that kept us away last October. Hell or high water, we're going next time. For more information on directions & cabin/camp reservations go to:


I highlighted this event so you couldn't miss reading it. This is one outing we want to make a showing at. You don't have to hunt rattlers, but plan on helping us at our booth get the word out about our chapter. We will be handing out materials to people & doing some panning demos. It would be great to have 10 or more members to help out that 3 day weekend. Get with Mike or Ken if you are planning to go. Women, while your husband is out snake hunting, you can go bargain hunting. It's one of the biggest annual flea markets in Oklahoma. Kids will learn about how they get anti-venom which saves over 7000 lives each year in the US according to the CDC website. Discovery awaits us. Come help your chapter & conquer that herpetophobia at the same time. Slither on over to the website for more on this 50th year celebration. We also discussed gold quartz prospecting while there. More on this at March meeting.

Hillsboro, NM prospecting trip is in the works. Alex has invited everyone & a date needs to be set before snakes emerge from winter hibernation. Nice gold has been found in the Caballo Lake & Truth or Consequences area. It's highly graveled, so 4WD is advised. There should be more on this at the March 11 meeting after Mike talks with Alex. The 2017 spring gold show will be here before you know it (14 months). We will be needing committee members soon. Together we have the power to produce the desired result, a show as big or bigger than the show in May 2010. There will be some changes. GPAA "does not" need to be there. If they want to come, let them bring their curtains and "hang" with us. We will be 100% in control of our show from now on. As for vendors & advertisments, we will get them committed 6-8 months out (and deposits) to help access needed space in advance. Sound good? Any volunteers? Other chapters are welcome to come help & learn what having a expo is all about.


No new business, but Happy demonstrated his dowsing expertise by hiding a vial of gold. See what you're missing?
Plan on being at the next meeting on Friday, March 11 @ 7:30pm. Mike adjourned the meeting at 8:45pm.


Officer Phone Email  
PRESIDENT Mike Pung 405-736-6282  
VICE PRESIDENT Ken Daley 405-626-5920    
SECRETARY Teresa Orosco 405-454-6756  
TREASURER Lester Allen 405-769-6237  
CLAIMS DIRECTOR Paul Southerland 405-738-0371