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No meeting was held Friday, December 11, 2015.
Instead, thirty-six (36) members attended the annual Chapter 21 holiday party Friday, December 4th.   The table was filled with smoked turkey, ham & all the trimmings (Happy provided the delicious rolls). After the clean out at that table, there were rich deposits of desserts which everyone rushed to.  We had some high grade fun and fellowship. For those who could not make it, a new game was introduced by the party coordinators called,
"PUNGO", named after someone we all know and respect.  It's a take off of the numerical "Bingo" game.  Instead of numbers, you have to match prospector terms all of us should know.  Had lots of fun & praises.   Mike was given a gift card & a Stanley multipurpose hammer/axe from the club.  Thanks go out to Paul and Becky Southerland. They gifted everyone with a 1 oz .999 pure copper prospector coin in a hard plastic case. These are really nice keepsakes with a gold miner and donkey on the front, navigation gear on back.  The silent auction held during the party raised $159. It was down from last year, but thank you to all who donated items for the cause. Cheers to our party committee, Tammy Daley & Teresa Orosco for organizing this end of the year event. It would have been helpful to have a few more members involved, so really plan on being a part of the committee in 2016.


On Sunday, Dec. 6th, several members gathered in Calumet with metal detectors to help find a woman's lost 2 ½ ct wedding ring.   Detected lots of canslaw ( shredded aluminum cans from city mowing crews), but no ring. We may be getting another member soon. The husband bought a metal detector just for this search. Thanks to all who came to help. I'm sure they appreciated the effort.


At the party, everyone was asked to sign in and update their contact information. Please let Teresa Orosco know if you move, change phone numbers or email addresses. If you have joined GPAA, be sure to get your number to us. We get points for new memberships and renewals. Membership Kits available if you would like to join. Discount offered if you enroll through the club at the monthly meetings. Next meet will be January 9th, 2016 @ 7:30p weather permitting. Lots of outings & events in the planning for 2016 .


Officer Phone Email  
PRESIDENT Mike Pung 405-736-6282  
VICE PRESIDENT Ken Daley 405-626-5920    
SECRETARY Teresa Orosco 405-454-6756  
TREASURER Lester Allen 405-769-6237  
CLAIMS DIRECTOR Paul Southerland 405-738-0371